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PLA ABS Wholesale Supplier

Since 2010, J&R Filaments has been an industry leader supplying wholesale PLA ABS 3D filaments. In 2013, we relocated some of our assets and operations to Asia in order to provide you with the most affordable high quality 3D filaments worldwide. There are a lot of 3D filament wholesale suppliers out there that claim to be a reliable source or offer a cheaper price. With the 3D printing industry still fairly new,  we understand its hard to put your trust into a true wholesale PLA ABS 3D filament supplier. Here at J&R Filaments we put all your worries to rest. To date, J&R filament products can be found in over 30 online stores, 10 retail stores, and we have nearly 40 distributor accounts.

We are located in San Antonio Texas and Austin Texas with remote offices located in Cebu Philippines. We take pride in what we do and look forward to becoming your partner and supplier in this growing 3D printing industry. We can open accounts, offer a drop shipping program, and we also can quote you on bulk orders for PLA or ABS filaments. Any size order or request is welcomed. Please contact us today to find out how we can serve you. J&R Filaments is a registered Small Disabled Veteran Business.

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PLA ABS 3d filament wholesale supplier