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3D Filament Distributor | Drop Shipper Program

If you are interested in becoming a 3D filament distributor or need a drop shipper for a reliable 3D filament source, look no further than J&R Filaments. We offer a variety of ways to partner up with us! We can provide you with wholesale prices that are sure to increase your sales and profitability. If you are not interested in becoming a distributor and have existing online traffic, then let us do the work for you. By becoming a drop shipper, we take away all the hassle of having your own warehouse or shipping filaments. We stock and ship everything directly to YOUR customers and ensure we place YOUR INVOICE with YOUR LOGO in YOUR shipment. This allows you the freedom to focus more on building your business and retaining your customers. With the 3D printing industry growing at an unprecedented rate, there’s no better time than right now to partner with J&R Filaments and become a distributor or let us drop ship for you! Dealers are making on average $5,000.00 a month! Drop shippers are making $400-$1000.00 a month!  

1. Email us at orders@cheap3dfilament.com

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