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    Looking to Cash in on the 3D Printing Industry?

    J&R Filaments has been supplying the 3D Printing Industry with top quality 3D filament for over 5 Years. We are proud of our products and our distributors are too!

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    J&R Filaments Your Reliable Solutions Provider For 3D Printing

    We understand the importance of a high quality 3D Filament when it comes to 3D printing. Here at J&R Filaments our goal is to be your number one source for 3D printing filaments. Check out our wide assortment of PLA and ABS Filaments.

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    Consistent Quality In Every 3D Print

    Our PLA and ABS filaments are ideal for 3D printing. With our filaments  you are sure to print with a steady flow through the extruder nozzle every time.

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    Do You Own A Store That Is Looking To Stock 3D Printing Supplies?

    If you are interested in selling 3D printing supplies, then look no further then J&R Filaments. Contact us today and open an account!

The market demand for 3D printing is projected to grow more than 20% per year for the next three years.

With the medical, dental and aerospace industry leading the way in developing new and useful applications for 3D printing. Market analyst are projecting the consumer market to be the fastest-growing portion of the 3D printing market.

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Whether you're making a prototype or just a hobbyist you can rest assure that you will produce high quality 3d printings time and time again.
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With a wide assortment of filament colors we're sure to meet your printing needs. Our filaments are compatible with most industry 3D printers.
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With the 3D printing industry growing at an unprecedented rate there's no better time than now to partner up with a J&R Filaments.
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